The Residency

Useful information

- Accomodations: 30 M2, with a study, an « alcove-bedroom », a bathroom (equipped with a spacious enough shower stall), and the kitchen opening out to a terrace and a garden.

- Residency time: from 1 week (repeatable for a longer stay if wished) to 4 months. (This 4 months stay might be extended in some vey specific cases).

- Residency cost: 490 euros a month/one person; 400 euros for 3 weeks: 300 euros a fortnight, 180 euros a week.
                            550 euros a month /a couple:    480 euros for 3 weeks, 380 euros a fortnight, 250 euros a week , (including water, gaz, electricity, internet ,
as well as laundry and all the services the HĂ–FN Association offers to the residents.)

(See "a writing port of call", chapter 6: "its approach".).

There are actually 3 kinds of guests at HĂ–FN:

First of all :

1.« The residents » : we keep our door wide open to "writing women and men".
All writing forms are welcome : Not only the writer's, the poet's writing, not only the translator's,
but as much
the musician's, the journalist's, the theorician's, the researcher's, cinema or theater women and men's,
visual artists', informaticians'....
As long as they only need an inkwell and a nib (or their computer!!),
if they do have in mind a specific writing, research, art project which they'd wish to develop at HĂ–FN,
we'll be very happy to recieve their application (see at the bottom of the page), and may be welcome them from few weeks until 4 months long stays at HĂ–FN
During those residences, our association will have an effective role to play,
and will support the resident and its project throughout his or her stay at HĂ–FN.
contact :

But also:

2. « Housed artists or researchers » : any artist (actor, dancer, visual artist... ), researchers (whatever their investigation topic could be!),
looking for accomodation, might find a shelter at HĂ–FN, according to our avaibility.
Our place is theirs, comfortable and cosy enough, but there is no specific backing from our association.. contact :

Here the specific price list for «housed artists or researchers ».

1 night : 35 euros........................................40 euros for 2
1week : 230 euros......................................260 euros for 2
a fortnight : 380 euros...............................440 euros for 2
3 weeks : 490 euros...................................550 euros for 2
1 month : 590 euros...................................640 euros for 2

3. « The HÔTEL DU NORD passengers » : any person looking for some kind of "urban B&B "in Marseilles North districts,
whatever would be his or her motive, or occupation, is welcome... according to our avaibility!
We'll host those HÔTEL DU NORD passengers as the cooperative HÔTEL DU NORD wish to,
following hospitality principles (and the sharing of our districts heritage, if you wish so), which are at the heart of the cooperative purposes.
Have a look at HÔTEL DU NORD website ,
or our own HÔTEL DU NORD home page : HÔTEL DU NORD (english) ) contact:

Here, the price list adapted to the HÔTEL DU NORD passengers :

Our 32 m2 studio will cost you, whether you'd be single, a couple (BEWARE! We have only ONE DOUBLE BED at your disposal!),
or three, (we can, more or less, put in a little spare bed for a child... 42 euros /a night, ( for all of you);
for a week : 280 euros; for a fortnight: 480 euros; for 3 weeks: 590 euros; pour a month: 670 euros.
BUT there will be an extra cost for breakfasts: 5 (only sweet)) or 8 (sweet AND savory) euros/ a day per head (not counting children)...
... unless you'd prefer enjoy breakfast on your own, your own way, in the studio... where you can cook (the kitchen area is well-equipped)),
eat inside or outdoors (there is a barbecue), as you please!.

What you should know about HĂ–FN to-day...

DĂ©cembre 2017

The Association and writing residence HĂ–FN was born officially in 2007 (10 years already !), and opened its doors to our first resident (Caroline Duchatelet) in March 2009.

HĂ–FN, from the start, managed without any grant or subsidy, in order to be totally independant, to freely choose how it would function;
it had to find both its own identity and its own way(s) to survive and thrive (unpretentiously!),
but we (who created almost at the same time the « concept », and the place) asked immediately ourselves WHO would be « our » residents, from France or foreign countries.
We wanted to offer them a cosy place to live and work in, from which there would be much to explore,
a place opened to ALL, including young (or not so young!) students, researchers poets, writers, artists (…) with limited means... (See at the bottom of the page : Application)

Indeed, in 8 years, we almost did not raise (only 10 euros !) the contribution we asked for, to-day 490 euros a month per person -(550 euros for a couple)-
including all utilities (water, gas, electricity, internet), washing the residents’ clothes and the laundry they use in the residence,
AND what HĂ–FN offers (discovering - far away from the touristic paths- the neighbourhood, the town and its surroundings, giving practical infomation and advises about the daily life in our district and in Marseilles,
letting « our » residents know about all the cultural events that could be specially interesting for them during their stay..).

We make a point of honour not to raise the contribution we ask for. We want it to continue to be reasonable and fair.
It will be possible only if each and every one feels responsable for the place he (she) stays in, enjoying it fully and freely,
perfectly aware also that it is a community studio (and garden !) which has to remain, for all who’ll come, live and work at HÖFN in the future a snug, welcoming and pleasant « berth ».

We must also consider new circumstances in France : year on year we are facing gas, electricity and water bill rises.
To that shall we add our own thinking and awareness, may be more environmental than economic :
we must learn to use electricity, gas and water sparingly


especially water (but not only) !

At a time where in the South of France, (and in Marseilles) we bear the brunt of long and severe drought events,
we started multiplying, little by little at first, spontaniously now, small everyday gestures, new habits that lead to a restrained, judicious and conscious use of this critical resource : WATER !

Therefore, dear future residents, we call for your understanding and attentive listening
when Dominique, HĂ–FN coordinator, will give you shortly after your arrival advices and instructions (not so heavy but necessary!)
concerning water (cold and hot), electricity, heating (specially during winter), gas and rubbish (separate the rubbish for recycling, reducing waste).

The endurance of our -small- association HĂ–FN is at stake and depends on you, really!


The board of the Association HĂ–FN

NB : This note is adressed first and foremost to those we call our residents (see above).
But it concerns just as much the housed artists and researchers or the HÔTEL DU NORD passengers when they stay at HÖFN for a long time (a week or more).
Of course, our prices are not exactly the same for them (we work in these cases with, or for partners),
but we do think that they still are moderate and fair, allowing us only to keep the place and garden in good condition and organise each year some cultural events (see Very Specific Events).


There is no selection because there are no criterions or principles whatsoever as far as age, "fame"(!), university or other qualifications, writing styles or forms are concerned. However, the HĂ–FN association and its partners might have an alternative when several persons apply for the same time of the year; in such cases, harmonizing, creating similarities, or tight bounds, or, on the contrary, aiming for diversity, not to say noticeable heterogeneity in HĂ–FN (hi)story, as time goes by, will indeed bring to choosing the resident to be. Those few demands (see below) will only and mainly help the Association and its partners fulfill the resident's needs and expectations.

You may send a mail to the following address:, explaining what are your work projects and/or wishes. along with a rather concise CV (in English, if possible). We'd like ALSO to know WHY you've chosen to be in Marseilles and/or at HĂ–FN.
Some Icelandic Associations' Presidents as well as writers, theoricians, musicians, cinema, theater artists..., some artist friends of our association Höfn, from France but not only, AND OF COURSE, to begin with, the Höfn Association Members will reflect upon the applications.
Each application should be as precise as possible about the time of residency.
You will get a quick answer, and in case your application is retained, Dominique Dögg Poulain (the Höfn association's manageress), will start discussing with you on the net to know as precisely as possible what your wishes are during your staying in Marseilles.

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