The Association

A non-profit association, named HĂ–FN as well, has been created in october 2007: a necessary administrative backing for the residency.

The association purpose(s):
originating cultural, artistic, linguistic exchanges between France (or French speaking countries, and principally Scandinavian countries (specifically Iceland), as well as English speaking countries.
These exchanges focus on writing, different writing forms (literary, poetic, theoretical, musical, artistic, theatrical, cinematic, digital code writings...)
At the heart of the project, sheltering those exchanges, a residency welcomes French and Foreign authors.
The association HĂ–FN will organize -according to the residents' needs and wishes- "special jaunts", concerts, meals, cross-cultured encounters and co-operations,
intimate symposiums, limited editions, meetings with teachers, pupils and students, exhibitions...
HĂ–FN will attempt to play such a role in connection with an already created but to be extended network of public and private, French and foreign cultural institutions.

The association board and members:

President: LĂ©naĂŻd JarlĂ©gan (teacher) (since the 7th of January 2011)                     Jacques Reboud (film production editor) (from 2007 to 2011)

Treasurer: Hitomi Takeda (visual artist) (from the 19th of May 2013)                         Jean Philippe Joncourt (gardener) (from 2007 to 2013)
Manageress: Dominique Dögg Poulain

Associate member and benefactor: Jean Cristofol (philosopher, teacher at the Art School of Aix en Provence)

Benefactor members:

Adrienne Boulègue (retired, Huguette Bulté's good old friend, restless traveller, in love with Italy...)
Brice Matthieussent (teacher at the Art school of Marseilles, translator, writer, VERY fond of... "beignets de fleurs de courgettes"...)
Caroline Duchâtelet (fondamentally minimalist, secret and intense artist, one of the two founders of "Cap 15"...)
Dominique Fromentin (journalist, Fleur and Manon's mother, everlastingly fresh and ingenuous, AND acutely insightful face to face with... human beings.... Watching - and caring for - animals ( hen, cats, dogs...) which she has always surrounded herself with, she marvels dayly and for ever at them... An insatiable reader, bearing a not yet (?) written book...)
Eddy Goddeberge (performance artist, in love with "THE Chanson Française", his lady friend Laure Carrère-Pascal, and their daughter Lila, musician, brillant and ingenious construction worker, GREEDY for good wines and THIRSTING for friendship...)
Francois Parra (man of sound and honour, teacher at the Art School of Aix, proving that one migt be an artist, AND the companion of his beloved Jeanne Brundu AND the father of sweet and tiny Lili without forgetting to be Spanish at heart...)
Guillaume Stagnaro (artist, computer programmor, altruist inventor, THE ONE WHO DESIGNED THIS WEB SITE...)
Huguette Bulté (retired, Dominique Poulain's mother, reads a lot, goes to cinema, theater, politically involved and concerned, ALWAYS surrounded with old and new friends!...)
Jean Cristofol (teacher at the Art School of Aix, philosopher, essayist, skilful carpenter, catalan mountains walker, will tell you His-stories of Marseilles...)
Jean Laube (teacher at the Art School of Avignon, artist, and a PAINTER...)
Jean Pierre Daniel (Cinema Alhambra's founder, (in Marseilles, 15th district), film director ("Le moindre geste"), sways to-day in between new cinematographic adventures or wandering(s) on his "pointu" (typical Marseilles pointed-bowed fishing boat...)
Jeanne Brundu (graphic designer, horned and furry effigies' creator, in love with François Parra and Lili, for whom she concocts heavenly pastries...)
Judith Arsenault ("clowness", actress, stage director, childless and surrounded with children, a pure and radiant "theater woman"...)
Julien Daniel (film editor,brt first of all in quest for a cinematographic utopy..)
Laure Carrère Pascal (originally graphic designer, photographer, bookseller since November 2009 a real gift for..."living it up", Eddy Godeberge's lady friend and Lila's mother)
Marc Aurelle (teacher at the Art School of Aix en Provence, first of all a PAINTER , often nibbled away with political and cultural action, A MAN WITH A LYRICAL VISION OF THE WORLD...)
Marie France Castets (the Cinema Alhambra executive secretary , has lived for a long time in Marseilles, but proclaims she is, first of all.... BASQUE...)
Michelle et Xavier Carrard (Michelle has been teaching French, Latin and Greek, always craving for culture and knowledge, always questionning femininity and feminism, Xavier, once "hippie" doctor, to-day untiring, -but sometimes tired- activist among the "MĂ©decins du Monde" of Marseilles...)
Monique Picard: (the smallest of all, but a real loudmouth! She feeds and shelter -a lot- her friends in her lovely little house, and has started building another one in order to feed and shelter-a lot- more of them!!...)
Nathalie Reynaud: (the sexiest of all at the top of her stiletto heels, a real daredevil at the top of the scaffoldings, TĂ©o's wild wild mother and protector, never protecting herself, taking all possible risks on building sites BUT always, ALWAYS wearing high heel shoes and a red feather boa around her neck...)
Olivier Moreux: (architect, architect-poet and dreamer, inhabitant of Marseilles from... the Berry, big hearted, open handed, lending a hand.... more!:putting his shoulder to the wheel if and whenever necessary, but would dream sometimes being just ... a Dreamer of Architecture!...)
Peter Sinclair: ("THE ENGLISHMAN" among "The Others", Teacher at the Art School of Aix, the other founder of Cap 15, Sound artist, has not yet found out how the hell could he go kayaking from Niolon to Aix rowing on an acoustic wave...)
Robert Guillemette (a Norman living in Iceland, a painter, an illustrator, a translator...Inexhaustibly supplying his friends with valuable, rare, funny documents, books, informations.... all of them fitting perfectly his friend's concerns, studies, needs, passions...)
Sarah Lallemand: (teaching visual arts in Secondary School, combining keen intuition and subtle erudition , weaving the silky threads of her life as perpetual offerings to her lucky friends...)
Serge et Brigitte Vanderkelen (he is a head teacher at Armentières, she teaches French litterature, both extrordinary devoted to their role, he is the real guy from North of France: gruff AND GENEROUS, she??... So many roots, you can't tell anymore BUT SHE knows how to tell you her story.... and many more: a fascinating and talented story teller...)
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